Monday, August 6, 2012


Like many of you, I have spent the last couple of weeks shopping for new school season. This year, I'm shopping for two for the first time since my little one is starting Kindergarten.

Fortunately, the boys didn't need much clothing-wise, but I did need to shop for a majority of the school supplies on the list. (I usually save unused and gently used items from the previous year to reuse the next year.)

Today's shopping trip to Target was my grand finale. I had the supplies and new socks for both left on my list. My grand total for the trip? $5.06.

I saved some money on items on sale, like both packs of socks, the highlighters (he only needed one, though-- saving for future school needs), the pencil box and the tape. I also saved 5 cents by using a reusable bag to tote my purchase home.

My subtotal was $19.75. Thanks to an earlier deal to earn a Target gift card with purchase of an item, I redeemed a $5 gift card. Then, I showed the cashier my phone which had a $10 Target gift card on it from Shopkick and redeemed that. I paid with my Target card, adding 24 cents to my savings.

Even though the lady behind me seemed a little annoyed with my various forms of payment, I felt the joy of one those coupon ladies on television. Not only did I save all that money, but I had finally crossed off all the items my kids need-- that is until the first day of school and the teacher hands over an additional list...

Somehow, I found the time to write a little bit between scouting and shopping trips. In case you missed it, here's the line-up:

Back to School: Consignment stores offer savings on popular styles
County fair provides free family fun this weekend
Night Out events promote safety in local communities
Free haircuts available for young students going back to school

As always, thanks for reading!

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