Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sam and Julia?

Something neat happened last week. A recipe I submitted to CBS Local Media was selected to be published in their Gridiron Grub series!

In September, contributors were asked to create recipes and the best would be published, with two being published each week throughout the football season. Since football season overlaps with apple season and I am a Giants fan, I thought a burger with apple in it would be a great idea.

My husband and I worked together to make the burgers (I gave him the ingredients, he did his thing on the grill) and the burgers turned out being incredibly juicy. After an initial taste test, we decided which toppings would work best with pure flavor of the new burger.

While I may not be ready to tackle all of Julia Child's recipes, I was pretty proud of the fact that a recipe I created was published for visitors of all the CBS Local sites to try to recreate themselves that weekend.

Ready to try my Big Apple Burgers? Find the article here: Gridiron Grub: Big Apple Burgers

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